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CRC London is the Church for your Family!

Every family needs a place to belong—somewhere your kids love to be and where you have the support and friendships you need. Whether at home or church, we want to connect you to relationships and resources to help you parent with confidence!


Parents & Babies

Navigating the unknown with a newborn can be a daunting task - we get it! Our Parents & Babies room is a safe space for mums (or dads!) with newborns or small toddlers to actively participate in our Sunday services while keeping an eye on your little one. Softplay areas, baby changing and feeding facilities are available, and our helpful volunteers are ready to assist you.

Kids Church

The place where every child wants to be! At Kids Church, we have fun! Preschoolers and primary schoolers aged 2 through 11 learn Biblical truths and real-life applications they can apply to their lives weekly through age-specific lessons, activities, and small groups.



YTH, our student ministry to all secondary schoolers addresses real issues that students YR7 through YR9 (Junior Youth) and YR 10 through YR 13 (Youth) face each day. Every Sunday at 11 AM, YTH meet at our physical locations for Bible-based, relevant teachings, and age-appropriate small group discussions. Sunday evenings, students volunteer together at church and sit together during service in our YTH section! 

Kids with Special Needs

If your child or teenager needs a little extra

support to participate in Kids Church or YTH,

we'd love to partner with you.


Family Registration

Is your family new to CRC London? We're excited to meet you! Tell us a little bit about your family to help make your check-in process at Kids Church or YTH as smooth as possible.

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